Titan Biotech is one of the leading manufacturers of excellent quality of Protein hydrolysate for more than 25 years. We hold the certificate of GMP+ (Good Manufacturing Practices) which is the system for ensuring that products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards.
It is the mixture of amino acids, dipeptides, tripeptides, and polypeptides, prepared by splitting a protein with acid, alkali, or enzymes. Wide range of sources like soya, casein and meat are available in liquid and powder form with different protein content which helps in saving the diet cost.
It is prooved to be one of the best alternatives of digested protein available for animal poultry, dogs, cats, livestock. It is easily absorbed by the animal and a source of organic nitrogen I the form of essential amino acids as well as non-essential amino acids or other nitrogenous compounds required for normal growth of animals.

Titan Biotech provides you protein hydrolysate in different concentrations mentioned below:

  1. Protein Hydrolysate Liquid 20% (Casein/Soya)
  2. Protein Hydrolysate Liquid 30% (Casein/Soya)
  3. Protein Hydrolysate Liquid 40% (Casein/Soya)
  4. Protein Hydrolysate Powder 55-60% (Casein/Soya)
  5. Protein Hydrolysate Powder 75-80% (Casein/Soya)
  6. Protein Hydrolysate Powder 90% (Casein)
  7. Aquatic Protein 40%
  8. Meat Protein Hydrolysate


It is free-flowing powder or liquid form

Hygroscopic (tending to absorb moisture from the air)

100% water Soluble

Rich in amino acids


  • It  includes antimicrobials, antioxidants, opioid-like and/or other interesting bioactive molecules have promising and interesting benefits on companion and production of animals
  • Have excellent palatability (pleasant in taste)
  • All natural & safe
  • It acts as interesting nutraceuticals for companion animals.
  • If added in low amounts in aqua-feeds, enhance the growth rate and feed conversion of farmed fish and crustacean (aquatic group-such as crabs, lobster, shrimps or barnacle)
  • High digestibility due to efficient elimination of anti-nutritional due to a well-balanced of bound & free amino acid composition and short chain peptides.
  • Improves growth rate and meat quality, Milk production.
  • Stimulates feed intake & improves the diet digestibility.
  • Highly digestible & concentrated form of protein reduces the cost of feed formulation.
  • Improves the metabolic activities of the animal.
  • Improves productive parameters & health of animals.
  • Helps in counteracts dirrehea.
  • Significantly increases the egg weight and improve egg shell quality, yolk color
  • Effectively prevent and control broken egg, soft egg, white egg etc.

What is the major goal of Protein Hydrolysate in animal diet?

The major goal of this product is to enhance the efficiency of feed utilization for milk, meat and egg production. It provides the optimal nutrition to support the function of the small intestine as the terminal site for the digestion and absorption of dietary nutrients. Protein hydrolysate provide the nutritive equivalent of the original material in the form of its constituent amino acids and are used as nutrient and fluid replenishes in special diets of animals.