Characteristics of yeast extract

Characteristics of yeast extract

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The yeast products made by extracting the cell contents or removing the cell walls is known as yeast extract. The common use of yeast extract is that it is used as natural flavor enhancer or flavoring agents which creates umami taste sensations and savory flavors in food products. It can be found in a large variety of packaged food, including frozen meals, crackers, snack foods, gravy, stock and more.

In food industry, Yeast extract powder is quite a popular product which widely used in food additives for the better flavor of food products.

Cut Sodium & Sugar reduction

It has been noticed that with help of yeast extract one can cut excess sodium & sugar in food as the high content of both can cause health problems like high blood pressure. Intake of excess sodium cause high blood pressure is an important incentive, to reduce the sodium content in food become the common concern of consumers and health sector. Same to salt, high sugar in taking also bring many health problems.

Food industry are very well aware of these risks. Some large FMCG companies have taken an important step to reduce the salt content in their products by using yeast extract as flavor enhancer.

Yeast Extract can guarantee food at moderate sweetness or savory to reduce the amount of the sugar and salt. Therefore, yeast extract in food applications are becoming more and more common now a days. It is also consider as best Flavor Enhancer.

Yeast Extract can be used as MSG Substitution

As a flavor agent appears earlier, MSG (monosodium glutamate) has been swept the world, but with further research, the scientists found that excessive intake of MSG will have adverse effects on the health of human which cause people to start looking for new Umami substances to replace MSG. Yeast Extract as a natural Umami source can has replaced the MSG with particularly rapid momentum in the world in the latest 20 years.

Titan Biotech Limited as yeast extract manufacturers has the best quality of yeast extract which is high and low in salt, rich in amino acids, peptides and other substances with strong Umami taste used in food, it can provide a strong Umami penetration and impact to oral taste cells.

Pure & Clean taste

The Umami substances currently on the market are YE, Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein, MSG, I + G, and disodium succinate, etc., wherein MSG, I + G and succinic acid production all are part of chemical synthesis, so the taste all with a certain chemical taste, resulting in consumers’ unpleasant taste feeling.

The production is a natural biodegradation processes, it tastes more natural and soft, can bring rich and full of natural taste for seasoning.

Clean label

The  concept of Clean label here is giving amessage that how it is speeding globally and also the other developed countries and regions, yeast extract (YE) became quite a popular ingredient, mainly because it is considering as a natural flavoring materials that can significantly improve product flavor as it is belonging to the category of food additives.

A company which solely deals in food industry finds  it difficult to ensure the food quality and flavor while without adding any food additives and chemical Umami source products. Just by adding right amount of  Yeast Extract, one can not only make the food flavor functions be maintained and strengthened, but also to meet the consumer demand for natural, healthy and clean labels. ” Daejeon, Korea University Professor Park Kwan Yick appointed ”

Yeast Extract offers natural characteristic

Yeast Extract natural characteristic was determined by its processing technology & raw materials, molasses is the main raw material of this extract which is one of the suitable medium to yeast.The cream came from yeast which is generally called as yeast cream is the main raw material for the production of YE. Meanwhile, the enzyme to degrade yeast is biological properties. Protein, amino acids and group B vitamins are the main components of yeast extract , these ingredients are existing in nature, so this makes the nutritional and healthy characteristics of the extract due to this natural attributes, and it also become a favorable choice to food makers, such as soy sauce, thus it is also got more attentions in food industry.

As a whole yeast suppliers, we are also dealing in more types of yeast like brewer yeast, medicinal yeast, dried yeast(active/inactive) etc.

The Top 10 high protein Sources

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You might have heard it many times that you should consume high protein sources food which has the potential of providing a good amount of protein in comparison to fats and carbohydrates as protein are the vital part of the body which are building blocks of organs, muscles, skin, hormones and pretty much everything that matters in your body. Even a diet high in protein also lowers blood pressure, fights diabetes and more. With this blog, we will introduce you the protein sources which helps an individual to live a healthy lifestyle.
Although there are no parameters for the consumption of protein on daily basis it is recommended to consume 46 grams of protein for women and 56 grams for men.
Here is a list of 10 delicious foods that are high in protein:


Eggs have proved to be healthiest and most notorious foods when it comes to protein sources as they are not just loaded with good amount of proteins but also with healthy fats, eye-protecting antioxidants, vitamins, minerals,  and brain nutrients that most people don’t get enough of.
Whole eggs are high in protein, but egg whites are almost pure protein. If the size of egg is quite large then it can provide you 6 grams of protein, with 78 calories.


Although most people think Oats are just a good source of fiber, most of them fail to understand that oats are also a good protein sources as it comes among the healthiest grains on the planet.
They fail to understand that they are loaded with protein, magnesium, manganese, thiamin (vitamin B1) and several other nutrients. The fair amount of protein content is 15% of calories. With 303 calories, Oats ( Half cup) has 13 grams of protein.


If you are a non-vegetarian then Chicken breast is by far one of the best protein sources option that you have to add in your diet to have good amount of protein. It is not only good in tastes but easy to cook.
Moreover, Boiled chicken contains more protein than the fried or grilled one as after coming contact with heat, some of the protein content may loss. There is 53 grams of protein with only 284 calories f you consume 1 roasted chicken breast.


Nowadays, most of the people don’t get enough time to take care of their health and consume what body requires for performing day-to-day tasks. That is why consuming Whey protein each day helps you to reach the protein goal required by a human body
Just add 1-2 scoop of whey protein powder in water or milk and mix it thoroughly. The content of protein varies between brands. It Can go over 90% of calories, with 20-50 grams of protein per serving.



High in fiber, magnesium, potassium, iron, folate, copper, manganese and various other nutrients, Lentils are must added legume in your lunch or dinner.
Lentils are among the world’s best protein sources of plant-based protein, and are an excellent food for vegetarians and vegans Protein content: 27% of calories. 1 cup (198 g) of boiled lentils contains 18 grams, with 230 calories.


You might have heard thousands of times that one should drink at least one glass of Milk each day as it is highly nutritious. But a huge percentage of the world’s population is intolerant to it.
However, if you are not come into intolerant category milk can be an excellent source of high-quality protein.
Every single nutrient needed by the human body given by milk can provide several impressive health benefits. Not just high i protein it contain excellent amount of calcium, phosphorus and riboflavin (vitamin B2). 21% of calories. 1 cup of whole milk contains 8 grams of protein, with 149 calories.


Collagen is a naturally occurring protein in our body which starts declining after a certain age and due to this people generally suffer from joints pain, wrinkly skin, weak nails, teeth & hair etc.
So, adding just 10g of Collagen peptide in your favorite drinks or foods helps your body to remain healthy and fit for life.


It is a well-known thing that Pumpkins contain edible seeds called pumpkin seeds but most of us are not aware of the fact that they are incredibly high in many nutrients, including iron, magnesium and zinc.
The Protein content: 14% of calories. 1 ounce (28 g) has 5 grams of protein, with 125 calories.


Tofu is a complete source of protein and provides all the essential amino acids. 85 grams of tofu provide 7 grams of protein which pretty good amount & also fortified with nutrients like calcium, iron and Vitamin B12.
The super likable thing about tofu is that you can add tofu in just about anything, like stir-fries, pasta, pizza, soups and salads.


Yogurt, especially Greek Yogurt, contains double the protein than regular yogurt, not only an excellent source of protein but is also rich in calcium.  It is filling, thick and less sweet than most yogurts. Greek yogurt is extremely low in calories.
Yogurt can be digested easily and is perfect for a healthy evening snack which makes it good protein source. If you are snacking on flavored yogurts then it might not be a good idea as they contain high levels of carbohydrates.
Even though you have a very busy schedule and don’t get time to give much attention to your health, always remember to add little protein in what you eat whole day.

5 ways to add collagen peptide in your diet

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Let’s understand first that what is Collagen peptide and how does it work in our body? So, Collagen plays a very important role making up approximately 30% of the proteins in our bodies and also it is present in almost every part of our body that ensures the cohesion, elasticity and regeneration of all our connective tissues, including skin, tendons, ligaments, cartilage and bones. But less known fact is that after a certain age (25-27 years) the naturally occurring collagen starts declining which leave adverse health effects like joint pains, early signs of ageing, brittle nails, hair loss, fatigue etc.
Nowadays, one can easily overcome these issues by just adding 10-12gm of collagen peptide as a supplement in your daily diet and see great results within a period of 1-2 months. It works great for skin as well as for whole body wellness.
Need some collagen supplement inspiration? We got you. Here are our 5 ways in which you can enjoy your collagen like a boss, including which type to use, and how to use it for best results!



Adding collagen to your morning coffee will yield a healthier and frothier beverage to enjoy in the morning. For best results, simply blend 1 cup of freshly brewed coffee, with 2 tbsp sugar, 1 tbsp of fresh cream, 1 tbsp of collagen protein, and 1 tsp of vanilla extract. Blend or mix on high for one minute or until thick and frothy! If you’re not a fan of hot coffee, you can add a tall glass of cold-coffee too!



Smoothies are the perfect vehicle for collagen peptides, as the natural sweetness makes collagen powder virtually unnoticeable. Add 1 tbsp of your collagen powder to your smoothie—you can try different flavors of collagen with your tasty smoothies.



Bring these wholesome, raw Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Energy Bites to the next level by adding ½ cup of collagen peptides to the recipe. Keep them in the freezer for a quick dessert or snack. Isn’t the combination killer? – The energy and taste in one bite!



While making your own vegetable or bone broth soup, it is a fantastic way to derive collagen from beef bones, adding a scoop of your collagen protein is a much quicker way of adding collagen to your soup if you don’t have any broth on hand. Collagen protein from gelatin will thicken up any soup recipe. For a desired consistency, try adding a few scoops at a time until you’ve reached there.



Who don’t love pancakes which makes them never not a good idea, and mixing some collagen protein to your batter makes for a match made in heaven. Try adding them to these Spelt Pancakes! Add one tbsp of collagen protein to the butter, add more ingredients and don’t forget to give everything a good whisk before adding to the rest of the batter. Then cook as usual, and enjoy!


So, it’s time for you to make collagen your friend if you want to live a happy and healthy life with no more health complaints.