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Calcium Butyrate

Titan Biotech is one of the leading manufacturers of excellent quality of Calcium Butyrate for more than 25 years. We hold the certificate of cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) which is the system for ensuring that products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards. Maintaining our values and reputation in the market place, we make sure to provide our customers the best services and satisfaction.

Butyric acid is very well known for improving intestinal integrity, which is helpful to achieve a healthy and optimal growth. Liquid butyric acid is not practically used because of its typical characteristics, very strong (pungent) odour. To get benefit of liquid butyric acid, various salt (Calcium, Sodium, Zinc or other metallic salts) are used instead of liquid butyric acid.

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An ideal Butyrate product should meet the following conditions:

  • Strengthen immunity system and promotes good bacteria.
  • Pass waste material through the stomach.
  • Remain available in its active form in the gut etc.


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These conditions are met adequately by Titan’s Calcium butyrate, a revolutionary product from Titan Biotech Ltd. marketed all over the world.

The product contains a very high level of internal activity and is protected by the physical-chemical structure of buffering salts which prevents it from dissolving and disassociating in the fore-gut. The Calcium Butyrate is made available, mainly in the small intestines and also remain stable at pelleting temperature.

  • It promotes feed intake by stimulating early pancreatic secretions including insulin.
  • Increased insulin secretion increases glucose uptake. Hence there is an increased appetite and feed consumption.
  • It acts as a readily available source of energy and improves the inner health.
  • It stimulates the development of digestive enzymes, enhancing the digestion
  • It enhances the development of intestinal villi increasing the absorptive surface leading to improved feed utilization.
  • It acts as a Mold Inhibitor and Preservative.
  • It is also proven that it increases the activities of internal system.
  • Inhibits the growth of Salmonella (harmful for animals) and promotes growth of Lactic Acid producing good bacteria and other beneficial bacteria.


Why One Should Choose Titan Biotech’s for Calcium Butyrate in Animal Feed?

  • Support for healthy gut wall
  • Increase the growth performance and survival rate through reducing weaning diarrhea
  • Anti-inflammatory function
  • Stimulates pancreatic secretion
  • Promote the proliferation of beneficial bacterium
  • Inhibit the growth of harmful bacterium group
  • Shows Antibacterial activity
  • Enhance disease resistance to salmonella in chickens
  • Plays an extensive role in gut homeostasis, including support for the gut barrier function
  • Butyrate facilitates the creation and maintenance of cellular tight junctions protein strands that link the two strands together). These junctions form a mucosal barrier that is more efficient in nutrient absorption and more resistant to attack by invading pathogens.

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