Fish Collagen and Its Applications in Food Industry

Fish Collagen and Its Applications in Food Industry

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The fish collagen peptides market has gained popularity, owing to their reported effectiveness in skin care and hair care, and ongoing bioactivities among these industries are feeding research for the development of innovative and more effective products.

Being a rich source of bioactive compounds, including peptides and proteins, fish have instigated immense interest among nutraceutical manufacturers and have numerous applications in food industry due to its smaller which makes it easily digested, absorbed and distributed throughout the body.

fish Collagen


Fish Collagen applications in Food Industry


  • Collagen supplements

As we age, the collagen synthesis decreases, and the tissues get thinner, weaker and less supple in humans. Thereby, collagen supplements maintain the skin, hair, nails and body tissues health.

The supplements can be offered in the form of liquids, pills or functional foods.

Collagen supplements also find high demand in sports nutrition as it helps in lean muscle gain, decrease recovery time,

reconstruct damaged joint structure. Oral collagen supplementation showed potentiality in preventing joint pain osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis

  • Food additives

Collagen has shown to be an important ingredient in food industries as it may boost the health and nutritional value of the products. Marine collagen has raised great interest for its potential application mainly in food manufacturing.

Meat containing raw material added with collagen or its fractions could enhance its technological and ­­rheological properties.

It is also suggested that the heat treated collagen fiber has a good potential for use as emulsifier in the food application, especially in acidic products.

  • Edible films and coatings

Edible films and coatings are edible materials applied on or within foods in thin layers by wrapping or immersing, brushing or spraying

The major application of collagen is collagen films which works as barrier membrane to protect against the migration of oxygen, moistures and solutes, providing structural integrity and vapor permeability to the food products.

Moreover, edible films in the food products have great prospective to prolong the shelf life of foods

  • Drinks

Nowadays, collagen-infused drinks are another trend in global market.

It is suggested an drinks infused with collagen helps in help promoting the body’s natural capacity to generate the fatty tissues.

The drinks contain collagen as an ingredient in market generally claims to stimulate the collagen making mechanism in the body, which in turn will promote the body tissues and reduce the skin wrinkles and sagging.

  • Carriers

Collagen as films or coatings could function as carriers in the delivery of active substances such as, antioxidants, antimicrobials, colors and flavors

The applications of collagen as delivery systems are mini pellets and tablets for protein delivery.

It is reported that the fish collagen fibers act as carrier of rosemary extract in processed meat industry. These augment its antioxidant properties in the products.


Collagen has shown to be an important ingredient in the food industries mostly in the form of collagen fiber. Collagen has been applied as protein dietary supplements, carriers in the meat processing, edible film and coatings of products, and food additive to improve products quality.

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