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Chicken Protein Isolate

Titan biotech offers a great quality of chicken protein isolate which is used as a protein supplement, completes a prominent target of a day. Chicken Protein Isolates are an alternative to whey protein isolated.

CPI – Chicken Protein Isolate is high-protein chicken isolates for sports and health and health conscious people as it is the premiere supplement of choice for those who want to lead an active lifestyle. It is a dried powder, can be used in the form of protein shakes, tablets and capsules with chicken protein supplement. Chicken protein is allergen free, easily soluble, low in taste and highly digestible, as well as free from dairy, soy, fat, sugar and carbohydrates.

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Our company uses fresh meat parts from chicken to produces premium broths, functional proteins and fat for the Food, Beverage and Nutrition industry. Somehow, proteins can influence collagen content, molecular weight, taste, flavour and protein composition. Health benefits include high digestibility, high levels of muscle-forming BCAA, high levels of amino acids, non-allergenic and more.

The chicken protein powder consist of the fundamental nutrition of chicken and can easily be used in different food products, accessible form that is widely used in sauces, seasonings, and ready meals. Now, we’ve boosted the power of chicken’s naturally complete protein in our Chicken Protein Isolate Powder, a complete, ready-to-eat protein ideal as a protein supplements and a range of functional food and beverage applications.

Benefits of Chicken Protein Isolate

Abundance of Protein – By testing simply can say Chicken protein powder contains more protein than other commonly produced powders. It is totally pure powdered form and does not contain money-wasting fillers. One of the nutritional content in one serving is comparable to a chicken breast.

Supplies Necessary Amino Acids – The protein powder products, protein powder made using chicken contains many of the essential amino acids, which the body needs to repair itself.
Vital Minerals – The nutrition is taken up in the form of minerals to accomplish various cellular functions. Chicken breast protein powder supplies iron in order for the body to create the haemoglobin contained within red blood cells and the myoglobin found in muscle cells. The product provides the perfect balance of potassium and sodium, zinc, which are necessary for smooth, striated and cardiac muscle function.
No Gastrointestinal Side Effects – Chicken protein is free of diary, gluten or potentially harmful fillers. Chicken is hypoallergenic and does not cause gastrointestinal upset.
Readily Digested – Different proteins were absorbed by the body by different ways. As the body absorbs chicken protein quickly, which makes the product highly digestable.
Better Taste – As to counteract the bad taste and smell, many are created with added flavour enhancers, As the protein powder contains real chicken, the product generally tastes better. The nutritional supplement is also easily taken into a variety of recipes. The new developments has been introduced in organic chicken breast protein powder.


Features of Chicken Protein Isolate

  • High nutrient and protein content
  • Less carbs, fats and lactose
  • Better choice for lactose intolerant
  • Highly digestible
  • It is allergen free

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