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Malt Extract Powder & Paste

Malt Extract is a natural non-diastatic coarse powder which is also known as dry malt extract that is easily soluble and its additional flavor is derived after cooking process. Malt extract not only enhances the wholesome goodness of finished foods and beverages but also give them quality richness. Malt extract powder contains good amount of vitamin E and also majority of vitamin B, folic acid and minerals such as calcium, cuprum, iron, magnesium etc.Titan Biotech Limited as Malt Extract manufacturers deals in bulk malt extract that can be used for different purposes.

Malt powder especially is the secret ingredient that gives the colour and flavour for dark rye breads, specifically for ones with whole kernels. Based on the form of malt that you are using the quantity will vary for recipes, as the flavour or sweetness for malt syrup is more than for malt powder.

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Malt extract is quite popular product which is used for various purposes mentioned below:


  • Malt Extract for Baking
  • Malt Extract in Food Industry


  • Malt Extract in Dairy Products
  • Malt Extract in beverages etc



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Looking For Malt Extract in Bulk

One can go for the malt extract if looking for convinient and based on the usage in the dry form or liquid form from the malt extract suppliers. To give the bread loaf the active enzymes, dry malt extract can fulfill the requirment that it seeks. Liquid malt, in the meanwhile even if it lacks the yeast is known to ferment in room temperature and should be stored in a refrigerator so that it would last longer.

It is not just the colour, but malt can also be used to enhance the flavour of the bread loaf. If not in the extract format, you can see that some bakeries or bakers use malt in the powder format for their baking. It comes in various formats such as extract, liquid, light malt powder, dark malt powder etc.

Titan Biotech Manufacture Malt Extract in two forms:

  • Malt Extract Powder


  • Malt Extract Paste


Features of Malt Extract

  1. Dark brownish colour free flowing powder
  2. Having sweet malty in taste and smell
  3. Non-diastatic
  4. Easily soluble

Applications of Malt Extract

  • All kind of Bread and Bakery, Bake mixes, improvers and ready mixed flours Confectionery, like soft and hard candies, jelly babies and gums, as well as chocolate.
  • Dairy and sweet desserts, like Pudding, Yogurt, Ice-cream Toppings, Fillings and Sweet Sauces for bakery, cremes, dairy desserts.
  • All kind of alcoholic drinks, starting from the soft beer and Beer farther to liquors and spirits like Brandy or Whiskey. Also, for gluten-free beer and potables special qualities.
  • Malt extract is highly recommended as a strengthening tonic for Babies and Infants, but also as restorative for Convalescents and Elderly as it is widely use in syrup formulation.
  • Malt extract is the nutritive component of various nutrient solutions and culture media used in Microbiological Applications.

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