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Calcium Propionate Powder

VICTORY CAP is the brand of Titan Biotech Ltd. for Calcium Propionate (Calcium Salt & Propionic Acid) (E-282).

Calcium Propionate is food preservative and food improver which is generally produced by Propionic Acid and Calcium Hydroxide under Hygienic conditions. It inhibits abroad spectrum of mold and rope forming bacteria while increasing the shelf life of bakery foods.

When Compared to the other preservative options, propionate minimally impacts yeast, making them the ingredient of choice for yeast-raised products. The common usage level for calcium propionate is between 300 – 500 gm per 100 kg of flour in bread and rolls. It increases nutritional calcium in foods. It is a GRAS approved food preservative (Generally Recognized as Safe by FDA (As per cGMP 21 CFR Para184.108).

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How to Get Better Result from Our Calcium Propionate

  • Better results can be derived when Victory CAP is used with diluted acetic acid. Maintain pH 5.2 – 5.4 bread dough, in case of Brown Bread pH 5.5 – 5.8.
  • Bakers can choose to add this preservative to the dough at the mixing stage rather than the preferment stage to maximum the inhibitory effect of Calcium Propionate.

Advantages of Calcium Propionate Powder

  • Better dispersion throughout the food matrix.
  • Enhances flavor.
  • Required in less quantity.
  • Other advantages is that it doesn’t affect the leavening action of baking powder which is normally used in cakes.

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The preservative is preferred and works great in the following food items.



Bread and other baked goods that are stored with Calcium Propionate increase the shelf life by decreasing mold growth. To extend the storage time of commercially prepared baked goods such as bread dough, pizza dough, bread and pastries, manufactures add chemical preservatives. It works best in all the variety of baked goods with a pH of 5.5 or less and in products that use yeast, rather than baking powder, as a rising agent. Other food which come into category of grain foods may be preserved with Calcium Propionate include breakfast cereals, pasta and noodles.


Dairy products which contains Calcium Propionate includes dried and condensed milk; flavored milk and yogurt drinks; ripened, unripened and processed cheeses; dairy desserts such as flavored yogurts and puddings; and dairy-based spreads. There are Some variety of cheese such as Emmentaler or Swiss cheese contain naturally-occurring Calcium Propionate, which develops as the cheese ripens and acts as a preservative in the cheese


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