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Cholic Acid

Cholic acid is a naturally occurring, primary bile acid in human body which aids in digestion of fats and certain nutrients. Cholic acid is used by the industries to make supplements to treat patients with bile acid disorders who are unable to produce colic acid normally which make it harder for the body to absorb nutrients important for health, growth, and body functioning.

Cholic acid is produced from bovine and ovine bile, which is a by-product of the meat processing industry.

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Properties of Cholic Acid:

  • White to off-white powder
  • Insoluble in water and in 0.1 M HCl at 20°C and is sparingly soluble in 0.1 M NaOH at 20°C.
  • Soluble in glacial acetic acid, alcohols and acetone.
  • It is a non-denaturing ionic detergent.

Benefits of Cholic Acid:

  • Induction of Bile flow
  • Feedback inhibition of Bile Acid synthesis
  • Act as digestive surfactants, facilitating fat digestion and absorption through formation of micelles
  • Facilitates absorption of fat-soluble vitamins
  • Elimination of Cholesterol


Cholic Acid’s Application:

    • Treatment of bile acid synthesis disorder (BASDs) which are genetic, metabolic conditions that exhibit manifestations of liver disease, steatorrhea, and complications from decreased fat-soluble vitamin absorption. Individuals with BASD lack the enzymes needed to synthesize cholic acid. If untreated, these individuals fail to grow and can develop life-threatening liver injury.


  • Treatment of peroxisomal disorders (PDs) including Zellweger spectrum disorders (a peroxisomal disorder characterized by progressive liver disease and malabsorption).

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