How Cow Colostrum Powder is Beneficial for Humans

How Cow Colostrum Powder is Beneficial for Humans

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In simple words, cow colostrum is basically fluid produced by cows before breast milk is released which is then turned into powder to make nutritional supplements from it as it contains high levels of antibodies that can fight infections and bacteria easily.

Top benefits of cow colostrum powder

Cow colostrum activates the production of GcMAF in the human body which is very beneficial for a human body that can repairs tissue and supports the immune system in preventing infection. Moreover, it also seen that it can reduce the growth and spread of cancer. Let’s discuss more benefits of cow colostrum

  • Critical nutrient source
  • Develops the immune system
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Antimicrobial in nature
  • Improves metabolism
  • Helps in Upper airway infection in people who exercise.
  • Infectious diarrhea
  • The flu (influenza)
  • Damaged intestinal tissue in premature infants (necrotizing enterocolitis; NEC)
  • A problem with the small intestine causing absorption problems (short bowel syndrome).
  • Blood infection (sepsis).
  • Protects against infection and allergy
  • Protects against infectious diseases
  • Clears meconium; helps prevent jaundice
  • Helps in intestine related problems
  • Prevents allergy
  • Reduces severity of some infection such as measles and diarrhea
  • Prevents vitamin A-related eye diseases.

Dosage for cow colostrum powder supplements:

Below is the recommended dosage that has been studied in scientific research:


For people who exercise; preventing upper airway infections: 10-20 grams of cow colostrum daily for 8-12 weeks has been used.

HIV effected people suffering from diarrhea: Colostrum powder of about 10-30gms has been taken 1-4 times daily for 10-21 days.

Effected by influenza; flu: Freeze-dried cow colostrum of about 400mg daily for 8 weeks has been used.


Infectious diarrhea: Children can be easily effected by diarrhea in early age, in such cases, one can take 7 grams of bovine colostrum three times daily for 14 days has been used. For preventing infectious diarrhea, 3 grams of bovine colostrum once daily for 4 weeks has been used in children under 1-2 years old, and 3 grams twice daily for 4 weeks has been used in children 2-6 years old.

Rotavirus diarrhea: Dosage of 10 grams of cow colostrum daily for 4 days or 20-300 mL daily for up to 2 weeks can be used.